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With accommodation for up to four residents, the Wellington House is just a short bus ride to the city and a ten minute walk to local shops and a supermarket. There are shared living areas, including a kitchen, living room, bathroom, laundry and dining area. And with plenty of outdoor space, there's room to relax and enjoy the sun. 

Rikihana family 2023 1.jpg

Katie & Jacob

Meet our wonderful Wellington house family. Katie and Jacob Rikihana love people and are passionate encouragers of young mums and their babies. Together with their three young children, they create an amazing family environment in our Wellington home.

With a strong background in youth ministry, they are a sporty family and enjoy adventures with their fun-loving puppy, Pepper.


Jacob owns and operates a building company and is a qualified personal trainer. Katie has a degree in education and is the queen of hospitality. We're so thankful for them.



After 8 years of operation, The House of Grace home in Hamilton is now closed.

If you're looking for support, please get in touch and we can suggest alternative accommodation options in the North Island.

Katie and Jacob
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