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Equipping and Empowering

The House of Grace is a home for pregnant teens and young mums. A place to live, learn, prepare for childbirth and make plans for a bright future.

Family life

Family life 

A 'house family' lives onsite with up to four pregnant teens or young mums and babies. It's like a big family - everyone cooking and eating together, sharing the household duties, learning and having fun. Daily life can include attending the local teen parent school, continuing to work, study or focus on parenting skills and establishing new routines. Residents are supported to participate in community education such as ante-natal classes, parenting courses, first aid training and self-development. This will depend on an individual's stage of pregnancy, level of education, goals and opportunities available at the time.

The majority of learning in the home comes from hands on experience. Menu planning, budgeting, cooking, regular routines with self-care, laundry, housework. Everyone works together to support one another and as with any communal living environment, it takes cooperation to make it work. 
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Having a baby
teen pregnancy

Having a baby? 

Finding out you're pregnant is a life-changing moment. There is so much to consider. It can be exciting but also scary if you're unprepared, lacking support or needing a safe place to be.


If you're pregnant, aged between 12 and 23 and are seeking help, we invite you to apply for residence at The House of Grace.  Find out more >

You can help 

Do you share our heart for young people to be safe, supported and equipped for their journey ahead? As a non-profit organisation, we rely on private grants, financial giving and donations from our community as well as volunteers to support our vision. Simply following us on social media and telling others about us is helpful. There are lots of ways you can help. Find out more >

You can help
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